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Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada (PTAC) is a Canadian hydrocarbon industry association that serves as a neutral non-profit facilitator of collaborative R&D and technology development, and operates in partnership with all industry stakeholders to transform challenges into opportunities. By effectively leveraging financial resources and technical expertise through our proven model, PTAC has been able to able to support collaborative networks which advance innovative R&D and technology development projects, that address pertinent industry challenges through activities which reduce costs, improve operational efficiencies, enhance environmental stewardship, advance regulatory development, and provide our industry with the social license to operate. PTAC was created as a not for profit organization to promote collaborative research and technology development for the hydrocarbon energy industry. In 1996 the Vice President’s Breakfast Club saw a dramatic decrease in R&D spending as a result of changing industry demographics, down-sizing and tight budgets. They recognized that a new model for developing technology was required. PTAC was created at that time to be a neutral association promoting increased collaboration among all industry stakeholders. This has allowed for identification of issues from multi-stakeholders and the combination of financial and intellectual resources to launch industry projects reducing duplication of effort and maximizing resources on non-competitive issues.

Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada (PTAC)

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