Creating a stronger entrepreneurial ecosystem in Calgary

 Introducing the CIC


What is the CIC?

The Calgary Innovation Coalition (CIC) is a group of organizations in the Calgary region that support innovation-driven entrepreneurs, startups, and enterprises. Our collective presents a single vision and voice regarding the priorities of Calgary’s innovation community, a unique model for collaboration in Alberta's innovation ecosystem.

The CIC is supported by Alberta Innovates' Accelerator Expansion Support stream. Incubators are located across the province, to support innovative businesses, entrepreneur development and job creation for the growth and diversification of the Alberta economy.

How does it work?

The CIC supports Business Development Advisors (BDA’s) who primarily work with Calgary-based early stage technology companies to refine and improve their business models through one-on-one advising and community workshops.

Please note that the AEI Entrepreneur Voucher Program and Entrepreneurial Internship are now closed. For updates and more information please visit Alberta Innovates.

Our BDA's remain available for one-on-one advising with early stage technology companies based in Calgary. 



Here are some helpful community resources and events worth exploring:

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the CIC?

The Calgary Innovation Coalition (CIC) was formed in 2016 in response to Alberta Innovates’ (AI) offer of grant dollars into the regional innovation networks (RIN) across the province for entrepreneurial support and development. Rather than flow the money into a single entity for distribution, a collective of 17 organizations came together and presented a single vision of the priorities for Calgary’s innovation community to the Government.

What resources are provided by the CIC?

The CIC funds Business Development Advisors who support and educate entrepreneurs. They provide specific, skill-based support, advice, mentorship and access to voucher funding. 

Please note that the AEI Entrepreneur Vouchers and Entrepreneurial Internship are now closed.  For updates and more information please visit Alberta Innovates. Our Business Development Advisors (BDA) remain available to work with early stage technology companies based in Calgary providing entrepreneurial support and mentorship.

What is the Alberta Entrepreneurship Incubator Program?

The Alberta Entrepreneurship Incubator Program is funded by the Government of Alberta’s Ministry of Economic Development and Trade and administered by Alberta Innovates. The purpose of this Program is to offer support for individuals who are already building or looking to build highly scale technology startups. Through the CIC, entrepreneurs can access Business Development Advisors (BDA’s) to have their ideas professionally assessed for suitability for the program.

What is a Business Development Advisor? (BDA)

BDA’s are trusted coaches who help entrepreneurs navigate Calgary’s startup support network and advance their businesses.

BDA’s work with entrepreneurs to:

  • Help them understand their business model better

  • Identify gaps/areas of improvement

  • Provide coaching & guidance for personal growth

  • Direct them to programs/organizations that can provide additional support

  • Make connections/introductions to key stakeholders

Is the information I share with my BDA confidential?

Although BDA’s are unable to sign non-disclosure agreements, your information will be held in confidence within the CIC.