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Clean Resource Innovation Network (CRIN)

The Clean Resource Innovation Network (CRIN) unites Canada’s oil and gas industry, innovators, technology vendors, academia, research institutes, financiers and government. By aligning priorities, addressing gaps and incentivizing innovation, CRIN will accelerate the commercialization of ground-breaking technologies through investments in research, testing and large scale field pilots. Innovation areas will be selected for the highest transformational impact and environmental improvements while capturing domestic and international sales opportunities for small and medium enterprises. This will drive economic growth to ensure Canada’s continued prosperity with new high-value jobs through spin offs and economic diversification. Proposed technology focus areas include novel approaches to: carbon reduction, water use, methane emissions quantification and abatement, digitization, hydrocarbon extraction, well abandonment and site remediation. Delivering energy with a lower environmental footprint and higher productivity gives Canada’s oil and gas sector a competitive advantage and paves the way for Canada to be the global leader in delivering clean, reliable, affordable energy to the world.

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