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Regional Innovation Networks

Growing Alberta’s entrepreneurial culture

How do you organically grow a technology and knowledge based eco-system for entrepreneurs?  In Alberta, we have the Regional Innovation Networks.

Created by Alberta Innovates, these eight community-based networks are entrepreneur-centric with the goal of providing programs and services that will accelerate the growth of technology and knowledge-based businesses across rural and urban jurisdictions.

Each Regional Innovation Network is made up of like-minded public organizations. We’re passionate about helping small technology and knowledge-based businesses innovate and grow, diversifying the economy and helping build a strong entrepreneurial culture in Alberta.

“Through the Regional Innovation Networks, Alberta Innovates has brought together the power of a network of strong regional supports across the province to create opportunities for SMEs, entrepreneurs and innovators to be successful.”

-Laura Kilcrease, CEO, Alberta Innovates

Photo provided courtesy of Alberta Innovates

Our focus areas

The Regional Innovation Networks focus on the early stages of the entrepreneurial journey – Discovery through Validating – as shown in the image below.

Photo provided courtesy of Alberta Innovates

Working together is at the heart of success

The Regional Innovation Networks collaborate and share information with one another to increase the accessibility and collective impact of the innovation support ecosystems across the province. Our overall objective is to improve the impact, effectiveness, and efficiency of each Regional Innovation Network.


By collaborating with one another we provide a community-based pan-Alberta network of programs and services that accelerate growth of technology and knowledge-based businesses. Our goal is to contribute to a well-connected and coordinated innovation ecosystem in Alberta.


We focus on individuals and companies in Alberta dedicated to commercializing new technology and knowledge-based products and services. We support the growth of scalable, high-growth businesses, creating a thriving ecosystem.


We collaborate collectively across Alberta, sharing services and co-developing programs. This unity accelerates collaboration and propels the growth of companies across the province.


We respond to the local innovation community, identifying gaps and capitalizing on regional strengths. We design tailored solutions that empower local entrepreneurs and contribute to the development of their communities.


We share best practices, accelerating learning and finding synergies within and between each of our networks. This knowledge exchange elevates the region and strengthens the province.


We adapt to changing business models, technologies, and available resources. Designed to be agile, we test new ideas and meet the evolving needs of innovative entrepreneurs, ensuring they stay at the forefront of the innovation landscape.


We embrace diverse voices, enable participation, and foster collaboration. We make decisions collectively, ensuring accountability and creating an environment that responds to diverse needs.

Our guiding principles

We operate on principles that make the world of innovation exciting and engaging. These principles drive the entrepreneurial spirit, foster collaboration, and empower local communities:

Alberta’s Regional Innovation Networks create an engaging ecosystem where entrepreneurs flourish. By focusing on technology, fostering collaboration, empowering communities, sharing knowledge, adapting to change, and embracing collaboration, we help to drive innovation across the board both in urban centers and rural areas to position Alberta as a hub of transformative ideas.

Other Regional Innovation Networks

While the Calgary Innovation Coalition is focused on the Calgary-region, there are seven other RINs in Alberta to serve innovation-driven entrepreneurs.

Visit the following community-based organizations to explore your Regional Innovation Network and discover what opportunities and resources are available in your region, or learn more from our partners at Alberta Innovates.

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