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Funded Programs


Since its inception in 2016, the CIC has grown from a collective of 17 organizations to well over 50, united by the mission to drive technological and entrepreneurial growth across our Region and Alberta. 

Our portfolio is anchored in supporting four pillar organizations—Platform Calgary, SAIT’s Applied Research and Innovation Services, Venture Mentoring Service of Alberta, and Rainforest Alberta—and strengthened by the Coalition Support for Calgary Entrepreneurs Grant (CSCE), which funds innovative initiatives and community programs. This strategy not only promotes entrepreneurship and innovation but also facilitates collective research and dialogue, amplifying the voices of startups through the expertise of our network of members, and advocating for the innovation ecosystem.

As a network supporting innovation-driven entrepreneurs, the CIC is an essential component of the broader ecosystem of 8 Regional Innovation Networks funded by Alberta Innovates.

Our mission is to expedite the success journey of ventures through collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and strategic support, addressing ecosystem needs, fostering connections, and guiding venture development

Photo provided courtesy of Alberta Innovates

Looking ahead, the CIC remains committed to cultivating a thriving, inclusive, and globally recognized innovation ecosystem.

With our support structures, funding initiatives, and collaborative approach, we aim to significantly impact Calgary's and Alberta's economic and social landscapes, nurturing a vibrant community where innovation and entrepreneurship can prosper.

Featured Programs

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