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Thriving Minds: Empowering Innovators Series

Updated: Jun 5

The Calgary Innovation Coalition (CIC) is proud to highlight the impactful "Thriving Minds: Empowering Innovators Series" presented by Collectively Tangled in collaboration with Peer Guidance. This six-session series, held in partnership with Platform Calgary, Innovate Calgary, and Rainforest Alberta, has successfully brought the innovation community together to tackle common challenges faced by individuals in the startup and innovation space. 

Overview of the Series 

Hosted monthly, alternating between in-person locations and virtual sessions, the Thriving Minds series provided a unique platform for participants to connect, collaborate, and develop increased resilience. The series emphasized the importance of community support in navigating the often challenging landscape of innovation and entrepreneurship. 

Key Objectives: 

  • Building a Support System: Participants were able to expand their support networks and understand the various resources available within the community. 

  • Practical Tools and Skills: Each session equipped attendees with tangible tools and skills to manage the challenges discussed. 

  • Community Engagement: Emphasizing that innovation is a collective effort, the series fostered a sense of unity and shared purpose among participants. 

Session Highlights 

1. Saying ‘Yes’ to Saying ‘No’ – October 19th at Innovate Calgary The inaugural session focused on maintaining well-being while managing the demands of the innovation space. Topics included setting boundaries, prioritizing tasks, and balancing competing demands. This session set the tone for the series by addressing critical aspects of personal and professional balance. 

2. November 16th at Platform Calgary This session continued the conversation on resilience, focusing on practical strategies for overcoming obstacles and leveraging community support. Participants shared experiences and solutions, creating a collaborative environment for mutual learning. 

3. Virtual Session – December 14th In a shift to a virtual format, the December session explored digital tools and strategies for maintaining productivity and connection in a remote work setting. This session was particularly timely, addressing the increasing relevance of virtual collaboration. 

4. January 18th at Innovate Calgary The January session revisited the Social Innovation Hub, diving into innovative approaches to leadership and team dynamics. Participants discussed the importance of adaptive leadership in driving successful innovation projects. 

5. February 15th at Platform Calgary Focusing on mental health, this session highlighted the importance of mental well-being in sustaining long-term success in the innovation space. Experts shared insights on managing stress and fostering a culture of support within teams. 

6. Virtual Session – March 21st The final session wrapped up the series with a discussion on the future of innovation in Calgary. Participants reflected on their learnings from the series and explored ways to continue supporting each other and driving innovation forward. 

Ongoing Support 

Following each event, attendees had the opportunity to sign up for free advisory sessions with the Peer Guidance team. These sessions provided personalized support on the topics discussed and additional business-related concerns, reinforcing the series' commitment to continuous learning and support. 

Community Feedback 

Participants praised the series for its engaging content, practical insights, and the sense of community it fostered. The alternating format of in-person and virtual sessions was particularly appreciated for its flexibility and accessibility. 

Participant Testimonials: 

  • "The Thriving Minds series has been instrumental in helping me navigate the challenges of the startup world. The support and tools provided are invaluable." 

  • "I loved the focus on community and resilience. It's reassuring to know that I'm not alone in this journey." 

The Thriving Minds: Empowering Innovators Series has made a significant impact on the Calgary innovation community, embodying the spirit of collaboration and mutual support. The Calgary Innovation Coalition is proud to have supported this initiative and looks forward to more such programs that empower our local innovators. 


For more information about future events and programs, visit or contact Peer Guidance ( or Collectively Tangled (  

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